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GoAcademy has opened its first centre in Canton Ticino

A modern and innovative sports center

Lots of sports, and more

At the GoAcademy in Agno, 8 padel courts and 4 tennis courts will be built, as well as a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, a gym and a restaurant.

Everything you need

Support from mental coaches, nutritionists, athletic trainers and physiotherapists will allow all the athletes and members of the Club to enjoy a 360° experience.


GoAcademy's goal is to create a better world for future generations, starting with sport and taking care of the environment on a daily basis.

A social gathering place for sport and fun in a centre built to the highest quality standards on the market.

The sports center


8 padel courts, including 4 on which to play ghost padel (an absolute novelty in Ticino) and 2 convertibles for volleyball, as well as a 1vs1 court for teaching and individual challenges.


GoAcademy will have four state-of-the-art tennis courts with a patented GreenSet surface used for the Australian Open.

Gym and medical center

there will be a 200 m2 gymnasium and medical professionals available in the facility.

It's time to play for a better world

The entire structural project focuses on principles of environmental sustainability with the aim of achieving greater energy efficiency. The use of modern tensile structures covered with a triple PVC membrane roof with an insufflated air gap represents an innovation for the racket market throughout Switzerland.

Solar panels

Not only will they cover the needs of the facility, but they will also feed energy into the public grid to reduce CO2 production.

A sustainable and digitised user experience

From plastic recycling systems as well as recycling of used tennis balls/padel balls to fully digitised booking and payment systems using Europe's leading Playtomic app.

A model based on sport and the environment

As a whole, GoAcademy's mission is to create a unique experience in the world of racket sports, aimed at empowering young athletes and fostering social aggregation in the community, building an educational model based on sport and the environment for future generations.

Here we are !

GoAcademy in Agno is currently being opened!

By clicking on the button below and filling out the form, you can receive a preview of all the information about the opening of the centre, the services and the courses that have been already activated.

Want to join the GoAcademy team?

Visit our LinkedIn page and find out about open positions, or email us at hr@goacademy.club



At the end of Via Ponte Vecchio - Agno.


Monday-Friday 9:00-22:30
Saturday 9:00-19:00
Sunday 9:00-21:00

Email and social

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